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High Compression Socks – Adult


(7 customer reviews)




  • PROFESSIONAL GRADUATED COMPRESSION SOCKS:: Premium quality socks with TRUE graduated PERFORMANCE compression: 33 mmhg at the ankle, 22 mmhg at the calf, and 17 mmhg below the knee…ideal for Athletes. Helps reduce muscle fatigue and increases muscle recovery by increasing blood circulation.  They are a tri-blend – Nylon/Polyester/Spandex. 


  • DESIGNED FOR OBSTACLE COURSE RACING (OCR)::  Perfect for races like Spartan, Tough Mudder, Savage, BoneFrog, Warrior Dash, etc. Our high knee compression socks have extra padding in the front around the shin and a padded strip down the back of the calf to help prevent burns and bruises from rope climbs and traverses. PLUS, They drain water extremely well which is a huge Benefit for most obstacle course races!


  • UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN SUPPORTED::  10% of ALL proceeds will go to a ministry called Emanuel House that provides education, food, shelter, and care for extremely poor children in the Dominican Republic.


  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:: WE take pride in the COMFORT, QUALITY, and PERFORMANCE of our socks! They are comfortable enough to be worn all day. You will instantly feel the quality of these socks compared to most other compression socks on the market. Terry cushion reinforced toes and heels help reduce friction and irritation that causes blisters. They also have arch support to help reduce foot fatigue. If you are not 100% satisfied, send them back and we will refund your money!


  • NO WHINING, COMPLAINING, or EXCUSES ALLOWED!  You Must agree to do this while wearing these socks or any other Grit Army gear! Grit Army’s Goal is to make you Grittier! Whining, Complaining, and Excuses Will NOT make you Grittier! Join the Grit Army, leave Excuses behind, and let’s work on being our Grittiest!

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High Compression Socks - Adult

Large-XL (men's shoe size 9.5 and above), Small-Medium (men's shoe size 6 – 9)

7 reviews for High Compression Socks – Adult

  1. Spartan Racer (verified owner)

    These socks are Spartan strong! This was my first time ordering Compression socks. I ran a spartan race in them, and I will never run without them again! They protected me from scrapes and bruises, and stayed up the entire time! They didn’t squeeze my legs like I was worried about too. They are definitely a hard to get off after you run a race in them, but the pay of compression socks. I ran a spartan race in them, and I will never run without them again! They protected me from scrapes and bruises, and stayed up the entire time! They didn’t squeeze my legs like I was worried about too. They are definitely hard to get off after you run a race in them, but I didn’t mind. I love them!

  2. Collin

    Love them! Feel soo good on my feet and perform great while doing Spartan Races! No holes and protected my legs from rope burns.

  3. Sarah Hernandez

    I don’t Race without these!!! So durable, perfect compression, rids water and quick dry, an OCR Must!-Sarah J.R. Hernandez

  4. Mark D Burke (verified owner)

    These socks are everything they say they are and should be! I ordered a pair for a Spartan race and tried them out on some hilly training runs. I can have calf issues and these socks fully support my calves and I have no issues or soreness. I was worried they could be hot, but that was not the case at all. I wore them in the Montana Spartan and I totally forgot I had them on and I had no calf soreness after the race. I just ordered 3 more pairs so I can wear them on my hilly training runs. I wear a 9.5 -10 running shoe and have smaller calves so I went with the Small-Medium sock and they were perfect. I highly recommend these socks!

  5. Cole D (verified owner)

    The most durable and performance driven compression sock that I have ever trained and raced in. I am a huge fan of these compression socks! As an elite athlete in the sport of OCR having a great quality and effective sock is super important! I’m impressed with the materiel that not only provides great compression, but is more durable than other socks I have tried. I find GritArmy last longer especially in the heel area. Additionally, the socks drain and move water out quickly and I have never had an issue of the socks bunching up despite miles of technical terrain running in and out of mud and deep water! Lastly, great compression around the calves and mid foot. These socks always stay in place and gives me the confidence to never worry about them. Compression is important in running and is proven to provide positive benefits over no compression. These are my go to socks for all OCR races!!

  6. Jason Dominger

    Grit Army makes the best socks hands down! They are comfortable, drain well and are very durable. The compression is perfect, not too tight but they stay put. You can get them on and off without a struggle especially when they are wet and muddy. Other brands I have owned don’t make it through one season where my Grit Army sock have lasted over two seasons and most of the year I race twice a month. l’ll be buying more for myself and my family.

  7. Scott Webb

    Best compression socks on the market. Compression, comfort and protection in a sock that last.

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