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Low Cut/No Show Athletic Socks (2 Pair Per Pack)

(8 customer reviews)


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  • COMFORT & PERFORMANCE::  The SEAMLESS TOE reduces friction to help prevent blisters and corns!  These socks are Terry Cushion reinforced to help absorb shock and impact.  You WILL notice a significant difference if you are on your feet a lot.  Do your feet hurt after a long day of standing, walking, etc?  Try these and feel the difference!  Made with Breathable stitching that helps evaporate the moisture and sweat.  Rear tab that ACTUALLY stays UP and in place to protect the heel from shoes rubbing.  They also have Arch support to help with balance and comfort.  These are Great socks for exercising, running, being on your feet all day, or just lounging around the house!


  • ANTI-ODOR::  Made with Bamboo Charcoal Yarn that absorbs moisture keeping your feet clean and dry.  Which means they do NOT stink like most worn socks and helps keep your shoes from stinking as well!


  • UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN SUPPORTED::  10% of ALL proceeds will go to a ministry called Emanuel House that provides education, food, shelter, and care for extremely poor children in the Dominican Republic.


  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:: WE take pride in the COMFORT, QUALITY, and PERFORMANCE of our socks! They are comfortable enough to be worn all day. You will instantly feel the quality of these socks compared to most other compression socks on the market. Terry cushion reinforced toes and heels help reduce friction and irritation that causes blisters. They also have arch support to help reduce foot fatigue. If you are not 100% satisfied, send them back and we will refund your money!


  • NO WHINING, COMPLAINING, or EXCUSES ALLOWED!  You Must agree to do this while wearing these socks or any other Grit Army gear! Grit Army’s Goal is to make you Grittier! Whining, Complaining, and Excuses Will NOT make you Grittier! Join the Grit Army, leave Excuses behind, and let’s work on being our Grittiest!

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Weight N/A
Low Cut/No Show Athletic Sock Size

Small – Medium (men's shoe size 6-10 and women's 6-11.5), Large – XL (men's shoe size 10.5 – 14 and women's 11.5 +)

8 reviews for Low Cut/No Show Athletic Socks (2 Pair Per Pack)

  1. Isiah

    Great pair of socks. Very good quality, would buy more in the future.

  2. Garrett

    Figured I was just buying a decent pair of socks to train in, turned out to be the best pair of socks I own! These socks are seriously ridiculous, they feel amazing on your feet, drain super well, and are extremely durable! Worth every penny, even bought a few extra pairs for my family and friends!

  3. Michael Fallon

    Great fit. Comfortable. Love them when working out!

  4. Jon

    Well built sock made to be used tough. Fits well and adds good support.

  5. Robbie Latham

    Covers ALL the bases for runners!
    I was impressed with how innovative and comfortable these socks were. The design is very well thought out for comfort for running. It’s like they solve a dozen typical sock issues at the same time.

  6. Ash Jonas

    These are phenomenal, high-performance socks! Absolutely love the quality and feel of these! Excellent performance for any athletic activity – can’t go back!

  7. Mia Slaton

    Bought these socks for my son and he loves them!!

  8. Cole D (verified owner)

    Perfect every day sock or for training/ racing. The durability is just what I expected – tough, long lasting, and always stays in place. Great protection with extra material around heel and toes, but not enough to feel heavy. Love the ankle tab that keeps the sock in place- no slipping behind shoe cup. I use these for cross training and just every day stuff. Awesome socks!!

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