Thoughts, Emotions, & Actions

Something I continue to work on and thought I would pass along…

Most of the time our actions are the result of some emotion(s) that we have. But what we may forget is that our emotions are results of our thoughts. Therefore our thoughts determine our actions. So in order to achieve the actions that we desire or perhaps eliminate certain actions that we don’t desire, then we must WIN the Battle of Our Mind!

A piece of advice I heard years ago that I continue to use is the following:

Instead of constantly thinking about the things we “Have to do…” change the thought to “I GET to do…” So when the alarm clock goes off at 4:30am, the natural thought might be, “I have to get up and run, workout, go to work, etc”; try changing the thought to, “I get to get up and go run, workout, go to work, etc.” Having the mindset of appreciation, thankfulness, and gratitude will help produce the right kind of emotions to achieve more desirable actions. So continue to battle the Mind! Eliminate negative and self defeating thoughts and replace them with positive, encouraging thoughts! This helps me and wanted to pass along in hopes of helping you as well!