Off Season Training

For many OCR athletes, this is the “off-season.” So that means it’s time to rest up the body and mind and then begin training for the next season. Off-seasons are good athletes. Studies continue to show that doing the same thing over and over with minimal rest isn’t the healthiest path…neither is it the optimal path to reach max performance. The body needs rest and the body needs things changed up in order to maximize it’s potential.

So regardless of what sport or activity you enjoy doing (weight lifting, running, tennis, OCR, etc); it’s good to change it up from time to time. Take an “Off Season” even if your sport/activity doesn’t have one. So change things up and try new things to help improve your overall health, flexibility, endurance, strength, and performance!

Here’s an article I came across that I thought you may be interested in reading. It was written in March of 2017 and talks about how Ryan Atkins spends his off season.

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Keep working hard and pushing yourself to be Grittier!