Make Change That Lasts – Part 5

Step/Tip #5 is:

* Get Help From Others

We can certainly change some things on your own but there will come a time when we need the assistance of others. Others might be good friends, family members, spouse, parents, training partners, coaches, mentors, pastors, accountability partners, etc. These are people who will tell us the truth and not just stuff that makes us feel good or makes us happy. They will tell us things we Need to hear versus things we just Want to hear! Sometimes we need others to encourage us when things get tough or when we feel like giving up on the change we are after. Other times we may need someone to call us out when we are out of line or if we have “fallen off the wagon.” Or maybe we just are not sure what else to do so we need the advice/expertise of someone else.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome with this step/tip is having to swallow some pride and admitting we need help! Bottom line is No One is perfect and we all struggle with various things. Get rid of the negative thoughts around asking for help, swallow that pride, and ask someone for help in making that lasting Change!