Make Change That Lasts – Part 6

Tip #6 is:

* Don’t Let Negative Emotions Control You

No doubt that you will experience negative emotions while you are in the process of improving who you are! Something will happen to cause a set back. This might be completely out of your control – which can be very frustrating. Or it can be something you have done or will do that causes a step backwards in your change/progress! This too can be discouraging and we can be very hard on ourselves and beat ourselves up too much if not careful. Or maybe you are letting the “haters” get to you and you start believing their lies!

But regardless of which one happens, negative emotions will likely occur. That is natural for it to happen. But what we need to do when those negative emotions occur is to recognize them and then quickly work through them. The longer you let them fester inside of you, the worse it will get. So attack them immediately!

Is it something completely out of your control? If so, do whatever you can to help correct the situation and then take other actions that you do have control over and stop spending time and energy .on that which you don’t have any control. Did you slip up and make a mistake (gave into temptations and fell off the wagon)? If so, recognize why you did it, learn from it, and move forward. Are you letting haters get to you? Learn to not care about what they say! If you have haters that’s a good thing…because that means you are making progress! Look at all the super successful people in the world. The more the success, the more the haters! So stop caring so much what they think and focus on you being the best version of you! You can do it! I believe in you!