Make Change That Lasts – Part 2

So last week I talked about the importance of knowing the Truth in order to make change that lasts.

Step/Tip #2

* Change Requires Us to Make A Choice

Now wait! Before you say “Duh” and delete this email, let me explain in more detail. You see if we are not careful we can just DESIRE change and DREAM of change but then never take any action. Dreaming of change and desiring it are important; BUT, you must take the next step and actually do something about it. I can sit around and desire to be leaner, be stronger, be faster, etc…But that will NEVER happen unless I do something about it! I have to make the choice to eat healthy, I must make the choice to get up when the alarm clock goes off at 4:30am, I have to make the choice to push myself hard during workouts, and on and on it goes.

Many times the choice we need to make requires us to let go of something we are holding on to in order for us to move forward. All you Obstacle Course Racers and Spartan fans, here’s an analogy for you. If you are going to successfully complete the Twister or the rings, you must let go of the handle or ring that you are currently holding onto in order to reach for the next one. If you never let go of one to reach for the other, you will be stuck hanging there! Not progressing any further! And then we all know what eventually happens…we lose our grip and fall…which means burpees! It’s really very similar in life. Sometimes we hang on to things because we feel “comfortable” with it. We are too scared of letting go to see what’s ahead. Letting go may mean you have to get out of a bad dating relationship, or get rid of “friends” that are pulling you down and holding you back from being the best version of you. Maybe it means you have to give up some of the things you enjoy spending money to do because you need to save money and get out of debt. The scenarios can go on and on. I just want you to start thinking about every aspect of your life (physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc). What do you need to let go of so that you can move forward!?!?

Make the choice today! And if the choice requires you to let go of something….let it go and reach forward to that next “handle/ring/rung/bar” so that you don’t get stuck and then end up doing life burpees (bad consequences, broken heart, depression, unrealized potential, financial burdens, etc)!

Love you all! Keep fighting! Keep Grinding! Keep striving to be a better version of YOU! Stay Humble and Love Others!