Make Change That Lasts – Part 1

We all want to change something about ourselves! For many its a physical change: appearance (lose weight, build muscle, get leaner); get stronger; be faster; etc. But many times there are other parts of our lives we are trying to change…things like our mentality, our emotional state of being, or improving our spiritual lives. Maybe we are trying to eliminate bad habits, etc. The list could go on and on!

The bottom line is, I believe we are always desiring some sort of change (one reason New Year’s Resolutions are so popular). But the fact is, change is hard. Or at least lasting change is hard! Through research and some personal experiences, I want to share various steps/tips/strategies that I believe help us with creating lasting change. To make it more beneficial, I’m going to talk about just 1 a week. I think this will allow us to focus on that one concept/idea/tip so that we can be more effective in our lasting change.

#1 – We must know the TRUTH

If we are going to change we need to know the Truth of the situation! We must sort through all the lies, deceptions, misconceptions, etc to find the Truth. Sometimes those lies, deceptions, misconceptions, etc are within our own minds! Things we tell ourselves to help us cope with a situation or to make us “feel better.” But that hurts us in the long run! So you must be brutally honest with yourself. What is the Truth of who you are and the situation you are in (where you are, what do you have to work with, and who do you have or don’t you have to work with)?

Building a foundation on Truth is critical! If we build on anything else, it will crumble.

As always….Keep building that Grit!