Make Change That Lasts – Part 9

This is Part 9 or Step 9 and the LAST part of our Making Change Last series!

I hope you all have found the other parts/steps helpful in making whatever change you are working on successful!

Tip #9:

To arrive at where you are going, you must know exactly where you are!

Have you ever tried getting directions on your phone and it shows you the destination that you are trying to get to but the phone can’t figure out exactly where you are? I know its happened to me several times! I guess its bad reception or clouds interfering with the satellites?? I’m not sure. But what I do know is that Siri or your GPS CANNOT tell you which turns to make and which roads to travel UNTIL it figures out exactly where you are!!

The same goes for life. We may know where we want to go or what we want to look like, act like, sound like, perform like, behave like, etc. But in order for us to know the exact steps to get there, we need to evaluate ourselves accurately to see exactly where we are. I say this because PRIDE can be one of our biggest obstacles to overcome – not just in making a change but also in our spiritual life, our relationships, our work life, our finances…heck, every part of our life! None of us are perfect and we all have issues that we are working on so that we can be the best version of ourselves. But so many times we want to portray ourselves as perfect or that we have it all together when in reality that is usually not the case!

For us to swallow the pride and accept the fact that we don’t have it all together and that perhaps we do need help or that we do need to improve in a certain area can be a difficult move. But that’s part of doing an accurate evaluation! Then we can take the correct steps to get to where we want to be! So swallow the pride and give yourself an accurate evaluation so that you know what you need to do. This may involve asking a friend, spouse, or parent to help give you an evaluation.

Hope you have been able to use some of this info to help you be a better version of yourself and of course – Become Grittier!