Make Change That Lasts – Part 8

Tip #8: Take off the old self in order to put on the new self

What I mean by this is we must get rid of the old self (the version that just isn’t getting it in done in what ever area we are trying to change) in order for the new self to reside. Before you can put on those new, clean socks – Grit Army of course πŸ˜‰ …you have to take off the old, worn out, smelly, dirty ones! You wouldn’t put them over the top of the old ones!

So the same is true with us! If the old self isn’t getting it done and you aren’t happy/content with that version…get rid of it. Of course you don’t want to get rid of your entire self…just the parts that need improvement. So how to you do that and what does that look like? Glad you asked!

As I have talked about earlier, so much of who we are and what we accomplish is based on our minds and emotions. So get rid of the old self which thinks negatively, makes excuses, and focuses on past failures! It might also be physically bad things that we are doing to our bodies and/or putting in our bodies. So if this is the case, we need to stop doing that as well. Put on the new self that focuses on the positive, eliminates EVERY excuse, and focuses on the future you – the one that has succeed in the area(s) that you are working on! We must develop new habits! It real easy to fall back into old habits because that is what is comfortable. Change usually isn’t comfortable and it’s usually a little scary. But, that’s what we need to overcome – the comfortable/complacent life and strive forward to better life that awaits us!

As always…keep working on that GRIT! Finish off the week strong! We believe in you! You have a whole army (Grit Army) behind you to support you!