Make Change That Lasts – Part 7

Tip #7 is:

* Take Care of Your Body

It doesn’t matter if the change you are wanting to make is financial, emotional, vocational, relational, mental, etc.; your physiology affects your psychology!

Start with the physical before moving to these other areas. Studies continue to show how important physical health is when it comes to these other areas of your life. For starters, what good does it do to improve all the other areas of your life and neglect your health?! You’ll end up living a shorter life and not get to enjoy the benefits of improving these other areas. I’m assuming the majority reading this email does some sort of exercising on a regular basis so I’m not going to preach to hard on this aspect. But it is worth talking about to reinforce those who exercise and to inspire those who aren’t or who have backed off a little too much in this area.

Exercising will increase your energy levels as well as help you have the greater confidence in who you are as a person. Just think about how confident you feel when you have improved your physical endurance, your physical look, etc.. You walk with more confidence and you feel more confident as an individual. This will carry over into other parts of your life! Improving your physical health WILL build confidence in the other areas!!

So either start exercising or continue to exercise (as well as eat healthier, getting enough rest, etc). It’s not just about exercising…eating is a huge part of it. The old saying is true…”You can’t outwork a bad diet!” You also need to make sure you are letting your body recover and rest to maximize your physical health.