I’ve been consumed by the concept of Grit for several years now. I even came up with what I believe to be the best definition for Grit: The unyielding will to keep pushing forward towards a goal despite obstacles, hardships, and the lack of motivation, passion, and energy.

I realized years ago that my life had become too complacent in multiple areas but especially in the physical and nutritional aspects. So I set out to become a better version of myself and I knew that would take Grit! So I began studying it and listening the stories of others who had show Grit and overcame various obstacles to achieve some sort of “success” whether that be physically, or financially, or in a relationship, etc.

My admiration for Grit continued to grow and so did my desire for more of it in all aspects of my life. I knew I had to change some things in my life like my nutrition and my current exercise routine. I began pushing myself harder and further than I had been. Back when I was in school (high school and college) I had coaches that pushed me to do hard things but since being an adult, I hadn’t had that nor had I thought I needed it. But when you don’t have a coach pushing you and you are not pushing yourself….you just don’t progress. So I realized that I needed to push myself! No one is going to care more about me and my growth and my progress that me! So I need to push ME!

So that’s what I did and I began developing Grit – something that I believed I had when I was younger but something I lost along the way in “adult life.” Let me clarify I haven’t “arrived” and achieved the maximum level of Grit. Honestly, I believe that is a trait that never becomes perfected. It’s something that we can continually improve on. But I have learned a lot about Grit along the way – from studying it in others and from my own pursuit of it.

I’m very passionate about Grit (obviously because I named my company after it) and I believe EVERYONE can benefit from it. One of the main pillars of Grit Army is to encourage and promote Grit! Our world desperately needs more people with Grit! Our country DESPERATELY needs more American Grit!

So here is a FREE program to help you and whoever else to build a little more Grit in your life. If you already have a lot of Grit in your life then this GRIT 101 program may not be much of a challenge for you but I guarantee you it will benefit you and improve your Grit. In the future, there will be a GRIT 202 which will be more challenging. But I wanted to start with a program everyone can do.

For those that are familiar with 75 Hard (a Mental Toughness program created by Andy Frisella created), this is not a modification nor a substitute to that program. I have completed 75 Hard in October of 2019 and it’s a GREAT program that I highly encourage everyone to do! What Andy has created is amazing and it works! Are there some similarities…yes. Is it the same…no. 75 Hard is mainly focused on helping you get your life in order, getting laser focused, and developing a mindset that refuses to compromise. Again, this is GREAT and you should do it! GRIT 101 is structured to help you build a little more Grit in your life. Refusing to give in to gratification and the easy way. Learning to build self discipline and taking ownership of you and your mindset with a “no excuses” mentality!

We just ended 2020 – which for most people is a year they would like to forget and for many it was the most difficult year they have ever experienced. So there’s no better time than now to get this new year started with some extra Grit! We don’t know what the future holds and we don’t know what is to come in 2021. But with some extra Grit in your life, I promise the year and your future will be easier to tackle! So here’s the program…now let’s go BUILD SOME GRIT!!

GRIT 101 Program

Program Info:

  • 40 days
  • Take before picture and record your current weight (do measurements as well if you want)
  • Determine what your body goal is (lose, maintain, or gain weight).  Then figure out what your daily calorie goal is.  Use a fitness website/app like TDEE Calculator or My Fitness Pal (have no affiliations with them, just like them).  Here is the link to TDEE:
  1. Physical:  6 days a week of working out with at least 15 mins of cardio every day.  If your workout is a HIIT, etc; then no need for additional cardio.  You can substitute the 15 mins of cardio for 5 rounds of burpees (1 minute of as many burpees that you can do followed by 1 minute of rest.  So this takes 9 minutes to finish).  Total exercise time is at least 60 minutes.  You can do it all at once or break it up and do cardio at a separate time if desired or needed.  Your 7th day of the week is a rest/recovery day.  This day consists of a minimum of 15 minutes of stretching/rolling, etc.
  2. Nutritional: Track calories (My Fitness Pal, etc) and HIT your calorie goal every day.  If wanting to lose weight or lean up, then be under your calories every day.  If gaining, then be over, etc. At least twice during the 40 days, do a 24 hour fast. **Please check with your doctor before fasting. Some people just can’t do this for medical reasons. IF Medically you cannot fast from food, then fast from something else that would be a sacrifice (technology, social media, TV, etc). DON’T avoid the food fast just because it’s easier to give up something else!
  3. Spiritual:  15 mins every day of spiritual growth – prayer/Bible reading/meditation/etc
  4. Mental:  Mindset of NO EXCUSES – every day and in every situation.  Take ownership, take responsibility, and overcome life obstacles.  Avoid the easy way:  avoid escalators, moving sidewalks, elevators (when less than 5 stories).  Take the stairs.  Walk, bike, skate, etc when possible instead of driving.  Make things physically harder than they have to be.  

Finisher/Final Exam:  Do a physically demanding event that pushes you.  Examples are things like OCR races (Obstacle Course Race race like Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc) are great.  Maybe you have never run a 5k or a 10k, then that would be good.  Find something that gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you physically and mentally.  Ideally this Finisher/Final Exam is on day 40 or at least towards the end of the program. 

* Accountability is one of the best ways to finish something that you start.  A great way to do this is telling others about what you are doing and/or posting about it on social media.  You are more likely to finish it because you now have the support and encouragement of others nor do you want them to see you as a quitter.   Use hashtag #Grit101 and #GritArmy so that we and others that are part of the Grit Army Community can encourage you as well!