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Meet Bruce Jackson

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I am 43 years old and live in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. I am a personal trainer and coach.

I began OCR in 2016. In 2017, I ran in 12 Spartan races including qualifying and competing in the 2017 Spartan World Championships. In 2018, I ran in 23 Spartan races and finished with 13 Age Group Podiums, including 5 first place and 2 overall first place finishes. I also do road racing and compete in CrossFit competitions.

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    Why do you like and use Grit Army Compression Socks?

    We were approach to try the Grit Army compression socks toward the end of 2018 and absolutely loved them. The biggest problem I’ve found with compression socks is how hard they are to get on and off. The tight ones are just so difficult and the looser ones don’t stay up during racing. I personally like the Grit Army brand because they hold the perfect amount of compression without the hassle before, during and after the races.

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    How do you develop and improve your personal Grit?

    I develop my “Grit” by continuing to improve on all of my weaknesses. I never take any athletic ability for granted and always look to the top in my sport as the next benchmark that I need to reach.

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    What’s one piece of advice you can give others that will help them be more successful in Obstacle Course Racing?

    The piece of advice I would give to new OCR athletes would be to train like you race. Don’t waste time doing things that don’t translate out on the course. If this is what you want to get better at, you need to be specific in how you can get better, stronger and faster.

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    What’s the best “Pro Tip” that you can give others on how they can be Grittier in life?

    The best pro tip on being “Grittier in life” would be to keep out all negativity. Life can be overwhelming at times but, remaining positive, sometimes, is the only thing in our control. Just as in racing, “You can bend, just don’t break” and “you can be down but, you’re never out”!

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